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Lee C. Jones
Lee and his father, Loyd Jones, who passed away in 2006 have recieved numerous awards over the years. It was Loyd and his wife, Diane who created the concept of the mangrove tables over 20 years ago. The longevity of these sculptures is a testament not only to their creativity, but to the quality of their work as well. Lee, along with the help of his wife, Sharon, continues to maintain the quality of work that has endured for so long. Diane, continues to be involved, while also creating her own artwork using her handmade paper.

Using copper, oxy-acetylene torches and various metal fabrication techniques, Lee creates functional sculptures with an environmental motif. This is represented in his interpretation of the red mangrove trees found along the coastline of Florida, which can be seen as the basis for many of his sculptures. It is Lee’s hope to bring attention to Florida’s vanishing coastline through his uniquely functional creations. The works are both functional and decorative, and use as much recycled material as possible.

Much of Lee’s inspiration comes from his father, Loyd Jones, a well-known and talented metal artist for over 30 years. Until his passing in July 2006, Lee and Loyd worked together for 11 years, during which time Loyd shared his knowledge in metal sculpting with Lee.

The two partnered on many projects and commissions, and between them they have created a long list of private and public works of art, both here and abroad.

Working in his studio in Oldsmar, Florida, located on the top of Tampa Bay, Lee receives inspiration from the surrounding scenery of water, mangroves, fish and birds. This first hand observation allows him to successfully reproduce the detail of his subjects and add a realistic touch to his unique work.

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